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"Be yourself an example, don't harm others. " Kyabje Mindrolling Ugyen Choephel Rinpoche
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    May the merits and virtues accrued from this work be dedicated to the long life of our spiritual director, Kyabje Mindrolling Ugyen Choephel Rinpoche and all masters.

May all sentient beings be free from sufferings and achieve everlasting happiness and the highest state of enlightenment, especially people and other sentient beings throughout the world whose lives are affected by natural disaster as well by political differences.
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Biography of Great Treasure Revealer Drimey Lingpa and his reincarnation Kyabje Ugyen Choephel Rinpoche

Kyabje Ugyen Choephel Rinpoche is the reincarnation of the Terton Drimey Lingpa. Terton Drimey Lingpa (“the Terton”) is the immediate reincarnation of Rongter Duddul Lingpa who was the emanation of the Great Translator Lotsawa Gyalwa Chogyang. The Great Translator Lotsawa Gyalwa Chogyang is a disciple of Guru Padmasambhava. This great Terton was born in Zungkhar Thekchen Ling as a descendant of Terton Dechen Lingpa.

From young age, the Terton took refuge from Karma Jangchub Dorje who gave the name, Karma Drodon Tharchin to the Terton. After entering in the Institute of the Yogi’s school of Drag Ngagdra , the Terton began his studies in reading and writing. The Terton has later received many of the ancient teachings when the Terton enter the Schools of Tibetan Buddhism from many great masters such as Lama Nyenpa Gelek and Rigzin Thukchok Dorje. The Terton has received from Rigzin Thukchok Dorje the complete lineage of Empowerment, oral transmission and pith teachings of Dzogchen Kunzang Nyingthik and thereafter the Terton attained his complete experience and realization.

The Terton naturally understood the profound meanings of the teachings and attained the power of unobstructed clairvoyance and clearly recalled all his four previous lives as Gyalwa Chogyang, Melong Dorje, Dechen Lingpa and Duddul Lingpa. His vajra songs burst forth as his knot of speech channel was released. The Terton established the victorious banners of practice (meditation retreat) at numerous places and invariably attained realizations of the profound treasure teachings.

When the Terton was recognized as the holder of the lineage teachings of Rigzin Thukchok Dorje , the Terton was advised that the Terton is the holder of the special transmission of the profound treasure teachings and that the Terton will be one who will reveal and established the treasure teachings of Chimed Longsal Dorje’s Sogdrup Sadhanas from Drak Yangzong. Although the complete teachings of Avalokiteshwara’s were revealed from the upper level of Zungkhar Doyi Chorten or stone stupa , they were resealed into the profound treasure teachings.

The Terton was also given the official seal of approval to disseminate teachings in all the directions by the 7th Dalai Lama Kalsang Gyatso. Two of the Tertons main disciples were Rigzin Jigme Lingpa who is the master of the Longchen Nyingthig teachings and Chakzampa Tenzin Yeshe Lhundrup. Between the both disciples , , the main holder of the Terton’s teaching was Chakzampa Tenzin Yeshe Lhundrup who is the emanation of Yudra Nyingpo. It is from the teachings of Chakzampa Tenzin Yeshe Lhundrup and other subsequent lineage Masters, that the profound treasure teaching has been transmitted uncorrupted and unchanged up until now. In addition, Jamgon Kongtrul Lodroe Thaye also received Amitayus teachings and mind practice Pema Gyalpo's pith instructions from the Terton’s profound treasure teachings and has put the Terton's profound treasure teachings into collection works of Rinchen Terzod Chenmo or great treasure teachings of the Nyingma tradition.

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