"Be yourself an example, don't harm others. " Kyabje Mindrolling Ugyen Choephel Rinpoche

The Acts of Saving Lives

Buddha hopes that all living beings will cherish life. Killing is a very cruel act and there is a lot of hatred involved in killing. When you kill, you kill the compassionate seed in your heart. When you preserve life, you nature your compassionate heart. The Buddhas and Bodhisattvas advise us to refrain from killing.

All living beings want to live. Human beings want to live and are afraid to die. All animals, creatures up to the tiniest insects also want to live and are afraid to die. They have the same feelings as us. The only difference is that we have wisdom.

When we have a feast, a lot of lives are sacrificed. We eat the flesh of all sorts of creatures and animals without thought for the lives that we kill.

We human beings are afraid of pain. We cry out in pain even when pick on a needle or get scalded by hot water. When we are sick, we quickly seek a aid of doctor. We cherish our bodies dearly. Yet when we swallow the flesh of the animals and creatures we do not realize the pain and suffering they undergo. We create bad karma and will have to repay back debts. The Buddhas and Bodhisattvas exhort us not to kill because the karma of killing will go in life after life. If we put ourselves in the place of the animals and creatures we would then realize the pain and suffering they undergo when they are slaughtered.

We should not kill espeacially during the following occasions:-

  • During birthdays. We should keep the precepts, liberate lives and perform all good deeds.
  • During childbirth. It is wrong to kill during this period because we have just given birth to a new life.
    Animals also give birth to live and love their offspring.
  • At Death and Praying to Ancestors. When you kill during such times you decrease their merits and blessings. In fact increase their karma.
  • During marriage. Marriage is a happy occasion. We hope to procreate so why should we take lives at such times?
  • When we seek blessings. We should be performed good deeds to increase our blessings. Killing will decrease our blessings.
  • During celebrations. These are happy occasions. We celebrate in joy, so we want everyone to be happy. We should not cause any living being to suffer in order to be happy.
  • We should not have livelihoods that take life. We do not want to create bad retributions in future lives.
  • When giving presents. We should not give presents that involves the taking of lives.

May all living beings abstain from all evils and may they practice wholesome deeds. May they protect and treat all beings just as they would as their relatives and friends. By doing so, they will indeed be acting in accord with kind wishes of the virtuous sages and worthies of the past.